Arbitration is the increasingly-popular alternative to court. Arbitrations are private and confidential and result in binding decisions. The arbitrator will have subject-matter expertise and the process will be designed to meet the needs of the parties. They are less formal than court and can be scheduled at times that are convenient for lawyers and their clients.

Regular Arbitration

The Canadian Arbitration Association Arbitration Rules set out a clear and organized process for the conduct of an arbitration. The Canadian Arbitration Association team of professionals includes lawyers who administer the arbitration. read on…

Expedited Arbitration

Canadian Arbitration Association Expedited Arbitration is designed for people who want a fast and inexpensive arbitration. Expedited arbitrations are fixed fee arbitrations (less than $6,500 per party including taxes and room fee) with strict time frames and limitations on number of documents, length of briefs and time for the hearing. read on…

Facilities at Canadian Arbitration Association’s Toronto Office

Canadian Arbitration Association is pleased to offer neutral, convenient and equipped arbitration space at its Head Office in Toronto. Computers, copying and faxing services are all available.

The fee for the arbitration room is $750 plus taxes per day and $400 plus taxes per day for additional breakout rooms. Coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks are provided as included in the room fee. Lunch, if desired, is billed at cost.

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